Welcome to Recycling Carbon.

We are an Outreach activity born out of the collaborative research environment in the Energy Safety Research Institute at Swansea University.

Our aim is to show everyone how carbon can be recycled and reused in the same fashion as other household waste can be recycled.

If you turn the lights on, you produce carbon dioxide. If you do an internet search, you produce carbon dioxide. If you drive a car, travel on a train, bus or aeroplane, then you produce carbon dioxide. Most of modern life is possible only with the consumption of carbon and the production of waste carbon dioxide.

But why is carbon dioxide bad?

Because carbon dioxide, along with other, ‘Greenhouse Gases,’ is known to contribute to global warming and climate change.

Almost all the countries in the world signed an agreement in 2015 (called the Paris Agreement) to limit the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere to try and stop global warming.

This gave us a total budget of carbon dioxide that we can release into the atmosphere between 1870-2100.

The link below shows you a countdown of how much carbon dioxide is left in our budget.


Currently we emit (on average across the world) 4.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person.

If we want to stay within our carbon dioxide budget the most that we can emit is 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person.

So, we really need to cut down our carbon dioxide emissions!

What can we do? 

Recycling carbon is an activity that can help the world understand this problem and through this knowledge behaviours can change. Join us and be part of spreading this message.

Photograph courtesy of Severn Wye / Steven Parry Photography